Paul Brett

One of the Worlds foremost exponents of the 12 string guitar, Paul Brett initially cut his teeth in the 1960’s as an electric lead guitarist working with acts such as Lonnie Donegan, The Strawbs, The Overlanders, Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera, Paul Brett Sage and played/ toured with many other famous bands and artistes before switching to the 12 string in 1970’s. He composed the first suite for 12 string guitar which gained worldwide acclaim leading to RCA records signing him on a long term album deal culminating in a TV promoted chart album 'Romantic Guitar’ – which reached platinum status in the UK.

Aside from his playing ability, Paul has, over the years, contributed many articles as a music journalist to National music publications including Melody Maker, International Musician and for eleven years was Acoustic Magazine's expert on Vintage Guitars being recognised as one of the World's leading experts on the subject. He has built up over the years an amazing collection of guitars covering most periods of the instruments development. This has led him to design a series of award-winning Paul Brett Signature instruments for the Vintage® range of acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars.

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