We often get asked this, and that, so here's some answers to commonly asked questions.

What gauge strings do the guitars come with?

Electrics (V6, V52, V59, V62, V72, V75) 9-42's

Electrics (V100, V1003, VS6, VS63 V120, V130) 10-46's

Basses - 45-110

Where are the instruments made?

ICON's are made in Vietnam

ReIssued's are made in Vietnam and China

Acoustics are made in China

How do I adjust the vibrato arm tension / set up the vibrato?
Please follow our user guide. CLICK HERE to view or download.

Should I adjust the truss rod?
Truss rod adjustment should really only be carried out by a competent guitar technician. If you try to adjust the truss rod yourself, and it goes horribly wrong - you will invalidate your warranty. 

How old is my Vintage guitar?
Locate the serial number on the rear of the headstock. Ignore the letters of the serial number if they have any. The first and second number indicates the year of manufacturer, ie 99 = 1999, 07 = 2007.

The rest of the numbers are our secret - please don't ask!

What if my guitar develops a fault?
In the unfortunate circumstance something goes wrong with your instrument you should contact the company where you originally bought it. They will advise what to do if your instrument is within the warranty period.

Lost parts - Control knobs etc.
We suggest you visit your local music store to obtain replacement parts as we are unable to supply these.