Gordon Giltrap MBE and Paul Brett record ‘Raven Reflections’

Two of the world’s most creative acoustic guitar virtuosos, Gordon Giltrap MBE and Paul Brett record ‘Raven Reflections’ with Vintage guitars.
On ‘Raven Reflections’, two of the world’s most creative acoustic guitar virtuosos, Gordon Giltrap MBE and Paul Brett, have teamed up to record a selection of stunning songs, highlighting their unique, individual fingerstyle techniques.
All 12 tracks are performed and recorded with the ‘Raven’ electro-acoustic guitar, from the Vintage Paul Brett Series of popular and highly innovative acoustic/electro-acoustic guitars.
Between them, these legendary award winning guitarists have performed with some of the world’s finest musicians, having achieved enough musical milestones to satisfy several lifetimes.
Whilst both artists have their own Vintage acoustic signature models, it was the gothic themed Raven, with its double bound acacia body, contrasting satin black finished, solid Sitka spruce top, distinct headstock and soundhole design, that inspired Gordon Giltrap and Paul Brett to record this beautiful collection of songs.
“It’s uncanny,” says Gordon. “I’ve always had a weakness for black guitars. When I set eyes on the Vintage Paul Brett Raven, I thought it looked wonderful and very dramatic with its unique soundhole design and compact dimensions.
The unusual crisp wire-like deep tone lends itself perfectly to some of my classical and medieval influenced pieces. I immediately called Paul and suggested that we record an album together featuring the Raven.” 

Released on Cherry Red Records, and available to stream on all platforms, such as Spotify and Apple Music, ‘Raven Reflections’ features 6 original tracks from each artist. With soaring melodies and emotional content, this unique recording highlights the intricate acoustic mastery and exquisite, individual fingerpicking techniques that have shaped their careers…and the sonic versatility of the Raven.
Gordon continues, “The track ‘Loren’ for example, features CGCGCD tuning and, a fine example of how the Raven copes exceptionally well with low tuning.
In ‘Shining Morn’, I used a standard capo on the second fret across all six strings, then added partial capo across the 3rd 4th and 5th strings on the 7th fret, to bring the pitch of the piece a whole tone up, producing a crisp, brighter, chiming tone which sounds stunning on the Raven.”
Like all models throughout the vast range of Vintage acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars, including the Viator and Statesboro’ lines, the Raven offers exceptional playability and a superb tone, with a focused bass response, powerful mids, crystal clear highs and ringing harmonics.   
“I was inspired to design this acoustic guitar by Edgar Allen Poe’s poem from the same name”, says Paul Brett.
“I wanted to design a model for musicians who simply adore beautifully constructed, eye catching acoustic guitars that play and sound well above an unbelievable price tag.
But whilst this guitar evokes gothic from all angles, I wanted to show how it will also appeal to singer songwriters and perform all musical genres, from folk to hardened blues, whilst ensuring stability in any chosen variety of tunings. The tracks we’ve recorded for this album vary in styles and again, highlight the versatility of the Raven.  
Pastoral songs from my Izzak Walton Complete Angler compositions, through to blues, gothic, and an acoustic version of the Fox’s Prophecy for example, all feature open Gm or Open Gmaj tuning.”  
‘Raven Reflections’ is not only a treasure trove of acoustically driven songs, performed on this album at their best by masters of their craft which fans will adore, it’s also a celebration of friendship between two of the world’s finest acoustic guitar players.

5 STARS !!!
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"The album is wonderful"
Andrew Twambley – Penny Black Magazine
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"Love the new CD. Great playing from you and Gordon"
 Gary – Bishop FM