Vintage Joe Doe ProShop Unique - Salty Dog
Vintage Joe Doe ProShop Unique - Salty Dog
Vintage Joe Doe ProShop Unique - Salty Dog
Vintage Joe Doe ProShop Unique - Salty Dog
Vintage Joe Doe ProShop Unique - Salty Dog
Vintage Joe Doe ProShop Unique - Salty Dog
Vintage Joe Doe ProShop Unique - Salty Dog

Vintage Joe Doe ProShop Unique - Salty Dog

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The Joe Doe series of guitars are indeed unique in themselves, with their incredibly imaginative, individual theme and custom artwork.  

Now, put through the hands of the Vintage ProShop design team, these new models actually portray the original guitars, the first editions that the current Joe Doe Series is based on. This includes the Vintage Joe Doe ProShop Salty Dog, based on a Vintage V6, a classic in its own right. 

The Joe Doe ProShop Salty Dog retains the original concept of the guitar owned by the fictional character Bill Downey, a sailor in the USA Navy. Over the years, Downey worked as a boiler technician and was a slick guitar player and a collector of tattoos, getting himself inked at every major port. When he finally ran out of space on his body, Downey used his trusty electric guitar to provide extra real estate.  

The Vintage ProShop team of skilled luthiers have professionally aged, lacquered and sealed Downey’s beloved Vintage V6 body complete with an array of colourful tattoos, to emulate his original well-sailed, used and abusedbut much loved, Joe Doe, ProShop Salty Dog. 

Needless to say, aside from the incredibly unique theme, the Vintage ProShop Salty Dog, like all Vintage guitars, plays like a dream, the neck is sleek, fast and carefully aged for that unmistakable killer look and, along with the headstock, is given a cellulose amber coating. 

The Vintage ProShop Joe Doe guitars are like nothing you have seen before, built on a solid foundation of timeless Vintage designs, time-tested Wilkinson hardware and hand-picked tonewoods that have made these guitars themselves, Vintage classics. 

With meticulous attention paid to the fine details of the superb aesthetics, the Vintage ProShop Salty Dog comes with a Vintage ProShop set up: 

  • Fret-level, crown and polish.
  • Fingerboard dress and comfort treatment.
  • Truss rod adjustment and set.
  • Action height, radius, intonation and pickup height adjustment.
  • Nut slot regulation.

    Standard guitar specification

    American Alder body, finished in Albatross white and adorned with John Washington’s signature sailor tattoos. Did you know the traditional swallow tattoo means a sailor has travelled 5,000 nautical miles? And that two swallow tattoos means they’ve gone over 10,000? We’re figure if you haven’t gotten your sea legs by then, you never will. 

    The Wilkinson WVC Distressed Vibrato bridge is made from steel, just like the bows of the USS Americana. Tough and reliable then.

    Trio of Joe Doe custom designed Single Coils with vintage magnets on the bridge pickup and hotter ones on the middle and neck, so you can go between calm seas or mountainous waves. 

    Single master Volume and
    two Tone controls with five-way pickup selector switch. 

    Machine heads:
    Wilkinson WJ55 E-Z-Lok machine heads providing superior tuning stability even after salt water damage.  

    One piece hard rock Maple neck and fingerboard with classic Vintage ‘soft C’ profile and ‘Davy Jones’ inlays. The back carve is comfortable and reassuring in the hand, like a bottle of rum. 

    Scale Length:
    25.5" / 648mm. 

    22 Medium profile frets.

    Slippery 43mm Graphtech nut, so the strings glide over easy like seagulls wheeling on the sea breeze. 

    Unique Vintage Joe Doe “Salty Dog” headstock design. 

    The JDV03 is an original Vintage® guitar, designed and created by Joe Doe Guitars and reimagined by the UK Vintage ProShop team.