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2020 Collection

Who wants to see a clever magic trick? Of course you do, so put out your hand and take this penny. Have a good look at it, rub it between your fingers. Feels like a regular penny right? No different to all the others you’ve ever held? Ok, now let’s do some magic and change it before your very eyes. See this is no ordinary penny. It belonged to someone very, very famous. A singing sensation. Picture sold out shows in Las Vegas during the 1960’s. People selling their watches, their cars, even their own grandmothers to get a ticket. Front row seats filled with major celebrities and minor royalty enjoying free champagne while they wait for the shows to start… But before the stage curtain would ever rise up, the superstar had to perform one simple task. He would take a penny out of his tux pocket and rub it between his fingers. Why? To remind him how far he’d come. See, it was a gift from his mother, back when the family were so poor she had nothing to give each of her children for Christmas but a new, shiny penny. Well he kept hold of it and cherished it until the day he died, and now you have the exact same penny in the palm of your hand. So take a look at it again. It’s no longer a plain ol’ coin, cast from melted metal. It has been transformed into an artefact. It has a backstory and is freighted with meaning. It has become magical…

We’re not practising magicians here at Joe Doe Guitars but we understand how the power of a good story can transform something ordinary into something extraordinary. Our trick is mixing art with some tall story telling to turn simple wood and wire into unique musical instruments that have a proud history and character all of their own. So when a Joe Doe Guitar is hanging on a wall, it’s a piece of art to be admired and discussed in hushed tones… and when it’s hanging off your guitar strap it’s pure musical inspiration. Now if it’s all right with you, we’ll take back that penny and put it away for safe keeping.

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